Traditional Easter

Santorini, apart from its worldwide popularity, maintains a peculiarity during the holy days of Easter. Its folkway and customs, along with its incredible traditional Easter tastes (e.g. “sgardoumia”, a soup...
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The ideal decor to imprint the memories of your wedding!

The impressive caldera, the unique architecture of Santorini, the magnificent sunset and the big blue of the Aegean Sea are the key elements for an unforgettable wedding ceremony and honeymoon....
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The most important of the Aegean Sea

On the south side of Santorini, there is the well-known prehistoric settlement of Akrotiri, one of the major archaeological sites in Greece. It is one of the most important settlements...
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Don’t spend a fortune on a meal

Santorini covers all tastes and all wallets. As far as food is concerned though, you may easily fall into touristic «entrapments» and eventually pay a lot for a rather fair...
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Don’t be part of the crowd of tourists in Oia for the sunset

Sunsets from Oia are undeniably wonderful and are rightly famous all over the globe. Yet, the crowds that overwhelm Saint Nickolas castle ruins and awaiting the sun to dive into...
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Riding the cable car

The cable car in Fira started operating in 1982, built upon funding by ship owner Evangelos Nomikos, spending over 140 million greek drachmas (approximately 411.000 €). Not only did he...
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Bewitched by the exotic black sand beach

Every year, Perissa beach, one of the most famous and organized beaches of Santorini, welcomes thousands of tourists. Together with Perivolos and Agios Georgios beaches, which succeed one another, they...
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Vine and wine

Discovering the paths of wine in Santorini

The cultivation of vines in Santorini dates back thousands of years to 17th century B.C., as testified by the findings during the excavations of the prehistoric city of Akrotiri. The...
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Religious Monuments

Discovering the religious history of Santorini

In Santorini there are at least 600 churches and chapels, 50 of which dedicated to the Virgin Mary, awaiting to be discovered. Most of these have large, pure white surfaces,...
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Get familiar with the living tradition of the island

As in most Aegean islands, religious feeling is strong in Santorini, whose religious festivals and customs are both numerous and diverse. These are the most important religious festivals in the...
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The famous wall fresco returns in Thera

The famous, well-preserved wall fresco of “The fisherman”, one of the greatest works of prehistoric painting of Aegean, is exhibited for the first time in the permanent collection of the...
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Traditional tastes of Santorini

If you love good food or are interested in learning about the traditional, unique delicacies of the island, you don’t want to miss out a taste of those renowned dishes...
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Getting close to the legend of the Lost City of Atlantis

Santorini, together with the islands of Therasia and Aspronisi, are the remnants of the volcanic island Strongyle. Strongyle was an imposing volcanic cone, the main part of which erupted in...
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Discover the History of Santorini

Santorini has several museums that can help you learn about the island and reveal its secrets, presenting a complete view of its long history. Fira boasts the Museum of Prehistoric...
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Discover its narrow alleys

The villages of Caldera are magnificently beautiful, with many special attractions. Fira, Firostefani, Imerovigli, Skaros and Oia are all worth a visit. You can enjoy a picturesque walk, admire their...
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