Santorini has several museums that can help you learn about the island and reveal its secrets, presenting a complete view of its long history.

Fira boasts the Museum of Prehistoric Thira, one of the most prominent museums in Greece. Fira also hosts the Archeological Museum, the Cultural Center ‘Megaro Gyzi’, the Bellonio Cultural Foundation and the Santozeum. At a close distance from Fira you can visit the Emmanouil  Lignos Folklore Museum in Kontochori. In Oia, you can visit the Naval Maritime Museum and the Exhibition of Musical Instruments. The Museum of Minerals & Fossils is located in Perissa. You can also admire the works of important Greek and foreign artists at Art Space, at Santorini’s Exo Gonia. Well worth a visit is the Argyros Mansion in the village of Messaria. In the village of Pyrgos, the Icons & Relics Collection and the Cultural Village “Santorini of the Past” are also noteworthy attractions.



For more information you can call at the numbers or follow the links below:

Museum of Prehistoric Thira: +30 22860 23217 &

Archeological Museum: +30 22860 22217

Cultural Center ‘Megaro Gyzi’: +30 22860 23077 &

Bellonio Cultural Foundation: +30 22860 24960

Santozeum: +30 6939 763 399 &

Emmanouil Lignos Folklore Museum: +30 22860 22792

Exhibition of Musical Instruments: +30 210 902 7369 & +30 6932 742 170

Museum of Minerals & Fossils: +30 6977 260 048

Art Space: +30 22860 32774 &

Naval Maritime Museum: +30 22860 71156

Argyros Mansion: +30 22860 31669

Icons & Relics Collection: +30 22860 31812

Cultural Village “Santorini of the Past”: +30 22860 31101 &


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