Santorini, apart from its worldwide popularity, maintains a peculiarity during the holy days of Easter. Its folkway and customs, along with its incredible traditional Easter tastes (e.g. “sgardoumia”, a soup which is prepared for Resurrection’s night and “melitinia”, small sweet pies filled with cheese), create a sense of reverence and tranquility to all visitors. On Lazarus Saturday, several villages and mainly Megalochori, erect “Lazarus” in the village square, a huge cross 15-20 meters of height, which is decorated with rosemary and flowers. As the Holy Week reaches its climax, the procession of the epitaph in Tower on Good Friday constitutes a unique experience, whereas the whole village is adorned with small lanterns (“lychnarakia”), creating a devout atmosphere. In the evening of the Resurrection, fireworks create a unique spectacle in all the parishes of the island!

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